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John Knox -- Prayer Warrior for the People of Scotland

The Great Presbyterian Leader John Knox: A Man of Fervent, Effectual Prayer

John Knox and Prayer:  It is said that Mary, Queen of Scots trembled when John Knox went to his knees in prayer. One time she even exclaimed that she feared Knox's prayers "more than an any army in Europe."

Why was she so shaken? It was because Knox believed that God worked through prayer. This was no simple assent to a truth. Knox acted on his belief. He would boldly come before the throne of grace like no other, throwing his petitions at the Father's feet.

Author Larry Christenson attests to this in his book The Christian Family. As a matter of fact, Christenson almost goes so far as to attribute the whole reformation of Scotland to Knox's prayers. He writes,

"[Knox] prayed with such power that all Scotland was awakened. 'Lord, Give me Scotland or I'll die!' he cried. And he prayed with such intensity that the Lord answered."

Here is what John Knox wrote about the Holy Spirit and prayer:

"HOW THE SPIRIT MAKES INTERCESSION FOR US. So that without the Spirit of God supporting our infirmities (mightily making intercession for us with unceasing groans, which cannot be expressed with tongue, Rom. 8:26), there is no hope that we can desire anything according to God's will. I mean not that the Holy Ghost does mourn or pray, but that he stirs up our minds, giving unto us a desire or boldness to pray, and causes us to mourn when we are extracted or pulled therefrom."

May the Holy Spirit stir your mind for prayer today!


Anonymous said...

What a rumor! I heard this some years ago and how does anyone substantiate that Mary Tudor feared his prayers? How does anyone substantiate that his prayer was the effectual agent against her?

As much as I want to believe in the power of prayer, this such an assertion is a long shot and requires much validation to be credible.

Gideon said...

Powerful!Wonderful! I believe that is what the Lord desires for us. To fellowship with Him untill we are filled with power that causes darkness to bow. Let's press in brethren.

Gideon said...

Powerful!Wonderful! I believe that is what the Lord desires for us. To fellowship with Him untill we are filled with power that causes darkness to bow. Let's press in brethren.

Ideal Ideas to invest said...

Hmm! How true was that statement. She feared his prayer more than the army. Please who can verify such a statement.

Ndah Monday said...

One with God is a formidable majority

Anonymous said...

I believe that these things are written not for us to argue about its authenticity or not but rather to encourage us to also get to that level in our walk with Christ.

Nathaniel Friday said...

If you doubt the force of fervent and effectual prayer, then ask the prophets of Bal during prophet Elijah's reign in Israel. The truth is there is nothing that men, adversaries, kingdom of this world dread like the prayer of the righteous man. We are privilege to have this all-conquring weapon at our disposal!

Emmanuel Agyenim Boateng said...

The carnal natural man CANNOT and WILL NOT understand the things of the spirit. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, Peter, John, Paul, the prophets and the patriarchs wroth great exploits through fervent prayers. Of cos Knox also did, so all these are written for our ensamples and admonition that when we also pray fervently as did them,the gates of hell will tremble. Note that the devil fear no human weapons and sophisticated missiles but prayer of a righteous man. SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER. You will never know how powerful prayer is until you join the formidable army of effectual prayer

Shadrack Ng'eno said...

Powerful indeed message from John Knox concerning prayer.I attest that cause it is through prayer that we execute executive decisions.This reminds of an earnest prayer and as praying until you prevail and in prayer praying.

Unknown said...

Prayer is the key to all impossibilities. Actually Mary Queen did not only feared the prayer of John Knox but she was moved

Here you will find inspiration and encouragement for your prayer life. Prayer is the great gift of God to us. Make use of it often. It is supernatural lightning in the Book. It is the Holy Spirit partnering with you. It is how you touch the face of God.

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