Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pleading the Blood of Jesus in Prayer

Pleading the Blood of Jesus

When we talk about “pleading” the blood of Jesus, we are not talking about “begging.” “Pleading the blood” should not be considered a desperation exercise; God has not called us to come begging before Him. maybe you have heard people pray the words, “Father God, we come under the blood of Jesus.” Or, “Lord, we cover this matter with the blood of Jesus.”

As many of our great hymns proclaim, we believe in the power of the Blood, because we believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that the Cross was the instrument of global redemption which broke the power of hell.

Pleading the blood of Jesus is not the superstitious application of a magic formula of words. Rather, a spiritual dynamic is being applied. The power of the blood of Jesus Christ is greater than both the energy of our own humanity and that of our Adversary. The power that saves is also the power that releases, delivers, and neutralizes the enterprises of hell and the weaknesses of the flesh. The appropriation of the power of the Blood in tough situations is intended for every believer in Christ to know, to understand, and to employ.

Dr. Jack hayford writes that there is an abiding presence of power in the blood of Jesus—all the time, in every situation in which we apply it. Pleading the blood of Jesus is a heaven-given resource that grants us a license to stand in dominion over the works of hell. We can use it in the same sense that an attorney stands before the court and makes a “plea” on legal grounds, based upon a body of evidence.

According to Dr. Hayford, when you and I come before the court of heaven—and in every circumstance we face in life—we have the legal right, through the blood of Jesus Christ, to enter a plea and to lay claim to the evidence (His slain body, His shed blood at the Cross) which is proven to neutralize the power of sin, the power of affliction, the power of death, and the power of hell. It is to that I make my plea when I plead the blood of Jesus, whether I face demonic, physical, or personal attack, condemnation or the temptation to sin.

There is no circumstance in life to which the blood of Jesus isn’t key to God’s releasing, protecting, resolving power, whether it’s removing the potential of confusion, overcoming the impact of rebellion, breaking the torment of fear, or the shame of the past. When we “plead the blood,” we are to do so in the understanding sense, with the firepower of the supernatural, and on the basis of the body of evidence that.  Tough the blood of Jesus Christ, all hell has been broken in its power, all sin neutralized, the power of death overwhelmed, and every human need paid for once and for all.

When you pray, utilize the power of the Blood of Christ. Pray, "I plead the Blood of Jesus over _______ (insert person or problem) and I ask the Holy Spirit to apply the power of the Blood of Jesus in Jesus' Name." It is a scripture-based way to pray and wage spritual warfare. For more on the POWER IN THE BLOOD

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Karen Taylor said...

I have just heard a teaching on pleading the Blood of Jesus for the first time. Since I have learned about this me and some of my friends are having major breakthroughs from problems that some of us have been praying about for as many as 8 years.The Bible says that my people parish from a lack of knowledge. I believe with all of my heart that this is something that needs to be restored in the lives of Christians.

patto said...

this is very true, i have tried it and saw its results.Its wonderful

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